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It's 1996 all over again... this time with a twist!

Blast and grapple your way through hordes of supernatural monsters across multiple procedurally-generated dimensions. If you grew up playing games like Quake, Unreal Tournament, or Doom... you'll fall in love with DESCENSION.

  • Equip tons of different style weapons. Use shotguns, machineguns, rocket launchers, guns that shoot more guns and many others! Always remember, your grappling hook is your friend.

  • Harness the power of a wide array of runic power orbs. Gather a new orb at every level to modify or add to your existing abilities, such as Life Steal, Speed Boost, Double Damage, and many more...

  • Grotesque monsters lurk around every corner. Defend yourself against crawling mutants, biomechanical brains, demonic ghosts, and others even more sinister.

  • A vast, procedural landscape awaits your destruction. Carve a path through a haunted military facility, morbid dungeon, doomed space-station, and even a dimension so forbidden it was saved for last... if you can survive long enough to get there!

Thanks for checking out our game DESCENSION! It was made in a month with a team of 3 people. Be sure to comment and share the game if you enjoyed it.

  • Code: ragnaroksixx (Jerome Lester)
  • Art: sodaraptor (Ralf Corella)
  • Audio: Doktor.E (Nick Gross)


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Add some mouse sensitivity settings. 


i like it it cool :)

is there a way to change graphics options/keybinds? 

Unfortunately we ran short on time before we were able to implement graphics or keybind options. Are you having performance issues with the game?


no problems, i just play with very unorthodox keybindings so i was curious, lol






(Really hope you guys add more to this game in the future,. This is really great)

Wow, 100 zones in and full life steal? That's insane. I'm so happy you enjoyed it enough to play that much! We would definitely love to add more content in the near future if we got time. More gun types, level themes, enemies, etc. would give the game a lot more variety. Thanks for checking it out!

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5 Speed meta

Lmao. That is excellent. We never tested having that many speed boosts active at one time. Glad to know you can at least save yourself from falling off the level by using the grapple. Thanks for checking it out!

When I try to start the game it says it can't because "UnityPlayer.dll was not found." It said redownloading might fix it, but I did that, and still had the same error.


Hey Corvus- try redownloading it now. I think there may have been an issue with it not being able to find the dll file. Let me know if it works for you.


It works now. Thank you.


Great game. Though I was getting a bit bored by zone 13, ended up dying that round to friendly fire, I was shooting infinite bouncing rockets around as I ran. Actually worked for awhile, because I'd get more health when enemies died. Also ended up using the one bullet gun as a gun for awhile. Though that created some lag so I just went back to the shotgun.

The number one thing I'd suggest changing is the sound it plays when you pick things up. My first thought hearing it was that I couldn't pick up what I'd tried to. A "you can't do that," sound. 

Otherwise it would just benefit from more of everything it already has. Great work.


Awesome, glad it worked for you. Yeah, in terms of the time we had and scope of the project, we opted for a more "arcade" style endless shooter. If we ever got the chance we'd definitely add more guns, more enemies, and more levels, just to spice things up. Thanks for checking it out!


It's a pretty fun game. I think i got up to zone 10 or 11. I seemed to have things under control but then i found a few chaotic rooms and it went horribly wrong haha. It's probably because i was getting risky with the power ups and had my max health down to 25. Nice job!


Dude, thanks so much for playing! Yeah, the game can get pretty insane the farther along you go. There are a couple different combinations of powerups that let you really cheese the game and make things easier if you're lucky haha. Cheers!


just looking   at screenshots alone, I think your game looks really polished. Congratulations

Thank you!


can this run on mac, or have you only made a windows version?

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We built for Windows specifically for the Jam, but we may get one built for Mac if we get time.