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It's 1996 all over again... this time with a twist!

Blast and grapple your way through hordes of supernatural monsters across multiple procedurally-generated dimensions. If you grew up playing games like Quake, Unreal Tournament, or Doom... you'll fall in love with DESCENSION.

  • Equip tons of different style weapons. Use shotguns, machineguns, rocket launchers, guns that shoot more guns and many others! Always remember, your grappling hook is your friend.

  • Harness the power of a wide array of runic power orbs. Gather a new orb at every level to modify or add to your existing abilities, such as Life Steal, Speed Boost, Double Damage, and many more...

  • Grotesque monsters lurk around every corner. Defend yourself against crawling mutants, biomechanical brains, demonic ghosts, and others even more sinister.

  • A vast, procedural landscape awaits your destruction. Carve a path through a haunted military facility, morbid dungeon, doomed space-station, and even a dimension so forbidden it was saved for last... if you can survive long enough to get there!

Thanks for checking out our game DESCENSION! It was made in a month with a team of 3 people. Be sure to comment and share the game if you enjoyed it.

  • Code: ragnaroksixx (Jerome Lester)
  • Art: sodaraptor (Ralf Corella)
  • Audio: Doktor.E (Nick Gross)
Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars
(42 total ratings)
Authorssodaraptor, ragnaroksixx, doktore
Made withUnity
Tags90s, firstperson, Horror, Monsters, Procedural Generation, quake, Retro, Roguelite, tournament, unreal


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add an options menu and add so that you can change the viewmodel* offset so you can move it to the right side of the screen!


althrought it's just my demo, i don't think i dosen't need to explain how awesome is thi


Im not sure how I missed this game, I had a feeling you were a quake fan lmao

Full Play including THE BACKROOMS NO Commentary 

Awesome!!!! How do u make these 96 style look games on Unity? It looks very dope, but i can't imagine how it's done 馃く


I just hit the make game button

Badass 馃


Really good, like it's crazy how 3 people in one month made a game that's reaching so close to Strafe, Ziggurat, and Immortal Redneck. 

10/10 would get lost in the backrooms with a gun again.


Its al fun and games until you clip through walls or in my case the ground.


AMAZING! Its satisficing and just amazing! I also saw that you used the Alien 1979 self destruct sequence sounds, and i LOVE that movie! I also like that there's REALLY good power ups! It has that Enter the Gungeon feel. Its also endless too (or i haven't beaten it ) which has replay value to it, for me at least. I'll share this game if i can :D


I ADORE this. It took a bit of getting used to, but with the flaming skulls always chasing you it keeps the pressure on. I didn't get it at first but after the first two runs it settled in that they were there to make sure I kept moving, awesome way of applying pressure. Only complaint on my end is that the birthday explosions have slightly irritatingly large blast radius. it reaches just a bit further then you'd it would.


Awesome joob!!


The game is really fun (outside of a glitch which occurs to me every time I make it to zone 4 where I blow up at random)


its all fun and games till you go at mach speed and no clip into the back rooms


The mouse sensitivity is way too low with no way to change it. Other than that I really like the idea of this game, there's a few bugs but the only one that really bothered me is how long explosions stay around and can hurt you so the rocket launcher is kinda useless.


Thanks for checking it out. Yeah, there's a lot I'm not happy with in the jam version, since there are many features/tweaks we could have included but just ran out of time (30 day jam). We will probably revisit this concept sometime in the future.


i broke the game by mistake 

It happens :)

Thank you for playing


uhhh........if i get the 2x speed 3 times i can noclip out of the map by just going into a wall at mach speed....

i dont know why i figured this out


pretty cool game

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I completed Zone 1 in 29 seconds :D

Zone 2 in 21 seconds

Zone 3 in 43 seconds


i completed zone 1 in 16 seconds


J'y joue toujours apr猫s plus de deux mois ce jeux est incroyable

Merci beaucoup

Deleted post

Hey Burger- not sure how that could've happened, unless somehow another app caused the resolution to change to your native monitor size. The easiest fix I can think of at the moment would be for you to try using Reso. You can use it to manually adjust the resolution you want the app to launch in. You can get it here: http://www.bcheck.net/apps/reso.htm I hope this works for you!


Gameplay as shitty as tunnel B1.
Please contact me, you have good potential !


Really Great Retro shooter game! It is featured in my Top 5 of this week!

you may have a look!


Thanks for featuring it!

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(1 edit)

Na, bro. That's how you get to the backrooms.

i know but im not talking about the backrooms HOLY CRAP i just fell in the backrooms


WOW... JUST WOW.  I didn't know this game was a rogue-like but it kind of came to me after seeing the randomness of the guns and perks. A great shoutout to the fps games of the 90s. A video link to my first playthrough to back up the feedback.

I really like this game and I found out more about it after waiting for this video to post. I'm seeing newer levels and enemies and getting really clean with the hook movement. I appreciate it isn't all run and gun with some strategy to picking your perks.  I am in love with the hook movement. It becomes more clean with levels that are more open than the first few levels where it is just a few connected hallways. It definitely gets wild after you are getting 6+ perks and you are shooting guns while zooming through levels.

This is very impressive and I will be checking it out more to see more of the level designs and enemies. Thank you for the game!

(1 edit)

Thanks a bunch for checking it out and I'm glad you enjoyed it! Yeah, the floating skull guys are just supposed to act as a constant threat so you're forced to keep moving. They can be a little annoying, especially if you run out of ammo. If you get certain rune combos, you can easily cheese the game (vampire+richochet pretty much gives infinite health)


really enjoyed this, love the gameplay, just feel like the movement is a bit too floaty. maybe increase the gravity, acceleration, and deceleration a bit?  More enemies would be nice too. But I understand this game was made in a really short amount of time so the shortcomings of the game can be pretty much overlooked. Good job guys.

Yes, I agree about the movement and other bits of your feedback. I'd like to revisit this game one day and fine-tune a lot of the mechanics. But thanks for checking it out!

Deleted 104 days ago



Cool game

ah et aussi puis-je donner mon avis sur ma chaine youtube 


cela fait enviro deux ans que je cherche des jeux a la "DOOM"sur itch et le v么tre est le meilleur que j'ai trouv茅 jusqu'a maintenant

merci coisef. si vous l'avez aim茅, vous devriez jouer 脿 "aske". tr猫s bon jeu doom


apr猫s un mois et demis je continue a y jouer je l'ai conseill茅 a des proches qui ont aussi tout de suite accroch茅s bref ce jeu est incroyable


Hi, I've made a video about the game :) and I wanted to give some feedback about it :D

-The main idea and the gameplay mechanics chosen are pretty good and feel very solid.

-The visual style has a little twist inside the "doom" vibe that gives it personality.

-Good sound design , it makes the gameplay feel pretty inmersive.

-I really loved the idea of having to chose power ups before getting in to the levels, it works very well and gives the game an small but interesting estrategy component.

In conclusion, the game is pretty good and I really enjoyed playing it. Hopefully this is useful for you :D, also if you could subscribe that would help me a lot :)



Thanks for checking it out FullThrough and for the great feedback! We'd like to work on this game again someday, so I will keep your comment in mind.


That would be awesome :D, you are welcome :)


ah doom but a little bit better graphics


Short, high-octane action with more than satisfying visuals to accompany it! I especially loved using the hook for traversal. 


great fun chaotic dungeon crawler

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I鈥檝e enjoyed this game way too much. So I decided to speedrun this game. If you have any interest in checking out the leaderboard check it out here

(speedrunning this game is really fun)

Just watched your speedrun, awesome stuff! Interesting to see how the generated levels affect the run time. Thanks for sharing!


Add some mouse sensitivity settings. 


i like it it cool :)

is there a way to change graphics options/keybinds? 

Unfortunately we ran short on time before we were able to implement graphics or keybind options. Are you having performance issues with the game?


no problems, i just play with very unorthodox keybindings so i was curious, lol






(Really hope you guys add more to this game in the future,. This is really great)

Wow, 100 zones in and full life steal? That's insane. I'm so happy you enjoyed it enough to play that much! We would definitely love to add more content in the near future if we got time. More gun types, level themes, enemies, etc. would give the game a lot more variety. Thanks for checking it out!

(2 edits) (+1)

5 Speed meta


Lmao. That is excellent. We never tested having that many speed boosts active at one time. Glad to know you can at least save yourself from falling off the level by using the grapple. Thanks for checking it out!

When I try to start the game it says it can't because "UnityPlayer.dll was not found." It said redownloading might fix it, but I did that, and still had the same error.


Hey Corvus- try redownloading it now. I think there may have been an issue with it not being able to find the dll file. Let me know if it works for you.


It works now. Thank you.


Great game. Though I was getting a bit bored by zone 13, ended up dying that round to friendly fire, I was shooting infinite bouncing rockets around as I ran. Actually worked for awhile, because I'd get more health when enemies died. Also ended up using the one bullet gun as a gun for awhile. Though that created some lag so I just went back to the shotgun.

The number one thing I'd suggest changing is the sound it plays when you pick things up. My first thought hearing it was that I couldn't pick up what I'd tried to. A "you can't do that," sound. 

Otherwise it would just benefit from more of everything it already has. Great work.


Awesome, glad it worked for you. Yeah, in terms of the time we had and scope of the project, we opted for a more "arcade" style endless shooter. If we ever got the chance we'd definitely add more guns, more enemies, and more levels, just to spice things up. Thanks for checking it out!


It's a pretty fun game. I think i got up to zone 10 or 11. I seemed to have things under control but then i found a few chaotic rooms and it went horribly wrong haha. It's probably because i was getting risky with the power ups and had my max health down to 25. Nice job!


Dude, thanks so much for playing! Yeah, the game can get pretty insane the farther along you go. There are a couple different combinations of powerups that let you really cheese the game and make things easier if you're lucky haha. Cheers!

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