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I dunno if I'm just dumb or what. I can't get past the second area because the jumping is so unforgiving. And jumping appears to be all you do. 


Some feedback for the dev:

1. First-person view does not go well with jumping puzzles: I don't hate jumping puzzles in general, but I think the jumping puzzles in the predecessor and this game are not very well executed. The first-person view makes judging your position difficult so you often either jump too short or too far - I’ve died way too many times in this way. It will be great to have a third-person view option.

2. Lack of save points: Some levels are VERY long - for example the Forest World is more than an hour long on first playthrough. The lack of save points becomes glaring when you need a break in the middle of a long level.

3. Lack of hints/explanations: I am not going to lie, now that I am an old person, I don’t have that much time to spend on a game anymore, so when I get stuck in a game I just go and look up a guide. There is a severe lack of hints in this game - the Forest World in particular frustrated me so much because the map was huge, but I didn’t know where to go or what to do next. Since there were no save points and I was desperate to finish the level, in the end I had to resort to a walkthrough video on YT. I have no idea if the lack of save points and hints was a deliberate design choice by the developer to emulate 90s games, but I think there should be at least an option to turn hints on or off.

4. Lack of custom button mapping: I can accept it when a short (<5-hour) indie game does not have custom button mapping, but this is a >10-hour adventure game that involves a lot of running and jumping, and on some levels, you are even required to use multiple items. The lack of custom button mapping is problematic to me as I prefer the ESDF control scheme.

On another note, you can’t use arrow keys on a controller to select menu items and dialogue choices, which is strange, considering how many dialogue choices there are in this game.

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Lovely game, I enjoyed the visuals endlessly +3+

**finding secrets now. going up that fire zone hill, paused, walked into a cliff divet, and laughed about the teleport. 


Hey. I was trying to download this on my Mac and get an error upon trying to launch it. It plays fine on my Windows computer

M2 Max CPU 

Hi shwm- sorry that's happening. What error are you seeing specifically?

Unfortunately it just says "Unable to run this app" more or less. I don't have the machine by me right now. Have you compiled this for Ventura yet? 

Did you ever get a fix? Because I am having the same problem on my mac

I did not. 

Looking into this. No idea why this has been happening.

Has anybody played this on the steam deck? I was wondering how it plays on that and how itch games work on thr deck.


We just discovered your game and absolutely loved this demo. The presentation felt exactly like a PS1/Dreamcast/N64 game. The story was interesting and easy to follow. Everything ran smoothly and the characters were different and unique for the two worlds. Fantastic work! 

Melancholy, sadness, happiness, and grief... feelings of being alone and lost are given form in this low-poly 3D experience.  I feel like you've made something truly special!

My only strife I have with the game is: I expected more/longer horror levels - you really have a knack for making scary ambiance so it seems like a wasted potential not to utilize it more. it felt like the game has just begun turning dark and scary and then it was suddenly over. But overall I am happy with my purchase. Thank you for making this!


You might really enjoy one of their most recent games, "Interior Worlds," where you go around a bunch of liminal spaces and take pictures.

Hey thanks for the recommendation! I'm a sucker for liminal spaces so 'will check it out when I get some time to spare!


Great game! Congrats!

Will this game work for 64 bit mac systems? Like 12.3.1? Or is it a 32 bit game?


Should work for 64 bit

I just downloaded it and running Ventura and it says the application can't be opened


Might only be 32 bit then. Haven't had any testing with the newest Mac OS release, so it may simply not work. I will look into it!


Thanks! In the meantime I'm seeing if Parallels is going to make it work. I won't refund though, as I've admired your work and even if I dont get to support it, happy to support you!

one of the best game i ever played!
will there be a part 3??


Some day


Wow...Just wow, this game was breath taking!

Hypnagogia 無限の夢 Boundless Dreams Playthrough

Hypnagogia 無限の夢 Boundless Dreams Playthrough

From the music to the graphics to the story, this was a one of a kind experience and it didn't disappoint! I was totally immersed in the world, wanting to find every little secret and learn all that I could about the lore of each dream world. Hypnagogia BD looks beautiful and vibrant with colors and personality all while the atmosphere had me captivated the entire time and the music only solidified my immersion! I fell in love with all the charters and there interactions and this game moved me in so many ways that most triple A titles cant. I was sad, happy, scared and all in between, there is just not another game like this and I'm shocked that this hasn't had a far larger following similar to Undertale or Hollow Knight because it damn well deserves one! I'm very happy I stumbled across this game and got to experience it and I can confidently say that Hypnagogia Boundless Dreams is one of the most unique, well made, and captivating games I have ever played and I cant wait to see the next game in the Hypnagogia serise! 

Thanks Jetter!


quite possibly one of the most aesthetically pleasing and beautifully crafted indie games of the 2020s.


Hello and thanks for making such an fantastic game, I have been enjoying my time alot but have decided to start a new save before completing the game because of an issue.

The Linux build appears to have flickering issues with the shadows and lightning which has become unbearable on the snow level. From my testing on the Steam Deck the Windows version seems to run fine on Proton/Wine and does not have the issues that the Linux version has and as such I will replay the game on that version.

Hopefuly this can be fixed in the future!

I'm also experiencing flickering on Linux. Just started the snow level and was looking for a way to fix that. Tried downloading the windows build and importing it into steam to run with proton, but the flickering seems even worse :(. I'm on an Intel Ice Lake i7 based PC.

After switching to the Windows version of the game running in Proton the flickering was gone on all of the levels on my Steam Deck. The Steam Deck has custom AMD hardware which means it uses Ryzen. If you are using integrated graphics then maybe your Intel drivers aren’t fully compatible with the game or Proton libraries?

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hey friend have you posted the soundtrack anywhere? i need to listen when i draw omg

Hello! I really wanted to make some fan animations for this game, do I have your permission to try to unpack the game for the textures and models so I can make the animation? I'm pretty new to animating but I really wanted to make something cool related to this game. 

If ur not ok with that I will try to model and texture my own models for it. 


Thanks cannedFood- go for it :)


ty sm!


Started playing this on a whim and honestly, exactly what I was needing/wanting at this moment.  Great work, having a good time. :)


Your ability to create PS1 inspired games but still make them feel and look modern is unparalleled, I love them.


Looks like its time to play your older games! Love all your work

Full Play No Commentary 


your games are magical


Question: What Engine or Framework did you use for this? Or is it coded from the ground up?


It was made in Unity, using the FPS microgame as a base.


Ku, also great work on Covert Critter. Thank you for the Linux port and giving Linux some love.


Is there any chance you'd do any console releases? Your work is INCREDIBLE.



aaaa really glad  :o thank you


Hey Sodaraptor, it's SubOs again. Apologies for the sudden comment. But wished to ask before doing anything, do you allow for Fanart of your games? Specifically this game and the original Hypnagogia. Absolutely love the games and would be thrilled to make some fanart of it but want to have your permission to do so beforehand. Thanks!

Hi Sub- yes you can submit fanart if you like. Feel free to post here, @sodaraptor_dev on twitter, or on the Steam community. Thanks~

I was wondering about the ending is it a set up for some sort of collective unconsciousness story 

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fired satan's over prevailed son, destroyed hell, and robbed a buch goblins. 10/10


Got this game in the Ukraine bundle a while back and it was just the kind of game I was looking for at the time. 

Hypnagogia: Boundless Dreams is a walking simulator with light platforming and Horror elements. It's a slow decent into the spook zone, but a well executed one. 

The level design is solid and strikingly pretty without losing the PS1 asthetic, initially reminding me of the Classic Spyro games. The secret worlds also add a reward for the curious, which certainly describes me!

Sound design is also well polished, really shining in the scarier levels, as building tension is almost entirely the responsibility of the soundtrack and atmospheric noise.

The writing is witty, funny and introspective with a solid message of preseverance and uplifting others. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a scenic walk and not afraid of a little horror.

The references to Vinesauce and Silent Hill also made me happy :)

Hi, sodaraptor! This game is incredible and very imaginative so far, but I have a question.

Where are the saved games stored on disk? I want to continue playing on a new device, so I want to copy my save there, but I can’t seem to find it.

I found what looks like a log file in %APPDATA%\LocalLow\Raptorsoft but seemingly no save data is present.


Hi Rooster- save data is stored in the Registry, so if you want to transfer a file you can follow these steps:

  1. Type Registry in your Windows Search and open it
  2. Paste this string into the top bar: Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Raptorsoft
  3. Right-click on the Hypnagogia: Boundless Dreams folder and select export, name and save the file somewhere
  4. On the new device, repeat steps 1-2
  5. With the Raptorsoft folder selected, go to File>Import then select the file you exported in step 3
  6. Data should now be transferred

You can also wipe save data by simply deleting the Hypnagogia: Boundless Dreams folder.


Ahh, that’s what I was missing. Thanks sodaraptor, that did the trick!


I got this game in the Ukraine bundle, and it has to be one of the best games I have played in the bundle.


awesome way to spend a night



It's hard to believe that this game was mostly made by one person. There's an incredible amount of high quality content: 12 completely different, beautiful, immersive dream-like worlds.

The game uses a retro, PS1-style aesthetic, with low res pixelated textures and low poly models. Nevertheless, it's very beautiful, with excellent lighting and beautiful VFX. The sound design and music is excellent too, and helps to create a unique atmosphere for each world. The dialogs are well written and engaging: each NPC has its own character and "voice" (not literally - there's no voice acting), and interesting things to say.

The gameplay by itself isn't very deep: most challenges are key/door challenges, sometimes literal, sometimes figurative (help an NPC by fetching an item for them). You have some choices in dialog options, which mostly give different, interesting responses, but in the end it's still a mostly linear experience with no major choices. You always get further by being friendly and helpful, which is something I like.

Then there are jumping challenges, sometimes with moving platforms. Jumping challenges rarely create good gameplay: either they're relatively simple and boring, or they're tedious and frustrating. Fortunately, the former choice is made here, although there are still a few places where one missed jump requires some tedious backtracking. Tip: learn to use your sprint button, also in mid air.

This may sound negative, but I think the forgiving gameplay is actually fitting here: it rarely gets in the way of enjoying the sensory experience and exploration, which is what this game is all about, but it provides enough interaction to keep you engaged and interested. The level design is excellent and clear: despite needing to search for some items, you're never really lost, and there's very good, subtle guidance throughout, though also enough space to explore some side paths, and some hidden secrets.

I said "dream-like worlds" above, but be warned: towards the end it gets quite nightmarish instead, with some truly scary and haunting places to explore (especially if you play it as recommended: with headphones in a dark space!) The game doesn't rely on cheap jump scares, but instead, crafts an excellent, tense atmosphere, where some things are clearly not as they should be.

If this sounds like your type of game, then I strongly recommend checking it out - it's a masterpiece in its genre.

Hi Paul-

Thanks for the thoroughly thought out review. I appreciate you playing and enjoying the game so much! Cheers


Fantastic game each World is different. The Music as well as the PS1 graphic works perfect. I made a little video if someone is interested to watch it.

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I've played through the demo and it felt awesome. I've wanted to play full version someday so much... And here comes the Ukraine bundle. The game intro is so good!! I'm already fully into the game vibe.

Edit: played first dreams and I'm starting to recall the vibe from the prequel game. The hand-crafted enviroments are truly beautiful! I really wish you all the best in development, and I hope you will get rewarded for this masterpiece ;) btw are there any secret deeper worlds? I'm pretty sure there were some dreams that were optional in the previous game. How about the lava CEO for example? was it required for the story?

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I've only gotten about 5-10 minutes in.... it's amazing! I love it. The thing I love most about the gamer is it feels very authentic to PS1. I thought the graphics were too good for PS1, but, 1, Looking at it, the textures are about on par, the number of polygons looks about right, and finally, the size is perfect, this could legitimately have passed for a PS1 game. It's amazing!
Alright update: Haven't beaten but this is amazing, it's a trip, and I sing the praises wherever I go! 


I downloaded the first one on accident but i played through it entirely and absouletly adored it but then i found that i also owned this, and gave it a try and it took everything about he first game and made it a thousand times better! This game truely made me feel many different emotions ranging from, sadness, happiness, fear, to anger and it was a wonderful ride. If you ever plan on making another game like this one i def will pick it up!


This game was incredible!! I adored the atmosphere and the bunny is so, so special.

One small bug I noticed, and my apologies if this is not the place to report it- in the haunted mansion, after the long room which twists, there's a jump puzzle with moving checkerboard platforms. after failing it a few times, jumping on it would just make me slide on the platform and i could no longer jump. The only way to fix it was to return to the nexus. I figured I should point it out, just in case it's yet to be reported!

Thank you for making such an incredible game though- It's an experience I won't forget in a while.

Hi Cherub- I was not aware of that bug in the mansion jumping puzzle. I'm wondering if it has to do with how you attach to the platforms. I'll give it a look for the next update, thank you


This game was awesome. Looking forward to the updates!


WOW, the PSX vibes this games gives is truly amazing, but what I love too is that it does feel unique in its own merit, and for that I gotta commend you!

It would mean lot if you could maybe consider porting this title or other works from you into ARM windows since I'd like to support your work and it would be accessible to other windows users with different platforms :)

Great works you've done <3


Hi scott- I will look into this in a future update. Thanks for checking out and enjoying the game


Already own it, but thanks for putting it in the Bundle for Ukraine. Such a great game. Be sure to check it out.


well the pictures sure look sick apart from the ps1/ff9/doom(or whatever it was)-style

definitely checking it out

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god damn i love this game. love how it looks, love how it sounds, love the immersion and having seen pretty much nothing at all about this game before i downloaded it, what the game became in the later levels was really effective on me. everyone who worked on this game did a fantastic job!


Fell in love with this game before I'd even purchased it, got to say I'm a sucker for Late 90s styled games and stuff in general. Fantastic work Sodaraptor keep up it up! 

Definitely playing the prequel to Hypnagogia Boulndless Dreams after this playthrough!

P.S Totally got that little hidden Tic-Tac-Toe Code message. Caught me off-guard seeing it!

Hi Sub- thanks for checking both games out, I'm glad you enjoyed. For the tic-tac-toe message, are you referring to the cipher on the ground in some spots?


Indeed, specifically in the beginning of the "underwater section", paraphrasing here as to not spoil the level too much. Thanks for the reply by the way, its greatly appreciated.  


I like the rabbit :)
The other ones are great too!
The ending was so unexpected omg

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