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Welcome to Hypnagogia - a world where reality ends and dreams begin. A place created from the essence of joyful fantasies, twisted nightmares, and the stranger places in between.

Hypnagogia 無限の夢 Boundless Dreams is a first-person exploration game that takes players on an adventure through a series of mystifying dream vignettes, each with their own unique theme and visual style.

Things are not as pleasant as they seem however...

Gogi the dream protector has been kidnapped by a malevolent force, and in his absence the ethereal Dream Crystal has fractured... its shards spread throughout the world. As nightmares begin to rapidly manifest, how will things unfold as you begin you descent into the dreamscape?

  • Explore 12 vibrant, hand-crafted worlds, each with their own population of unique characters, with more hidden in the darker corners...
  • Make choices during certain exchanges of dialogue. Strange creatures from many different walks of life have much to share!
  • Fully animated in-game cutscenes to drive an intriguing narrative and create a believable dream world.
  • Original music tracks created for each individual world to completely immerse you.
  • Late 90's 3D visual style inspired by iconic consoles such as Dreamcast and Playstation.

Hypnagogia 無限の夢 Boundless Dreams is a solo project developed and funded by sodaraptor that ran for a total of 8 months. It acts as a follow-up and loose sequel to the first Hypnagogia 催眠術, which began life as a game jam title for the 2020 LSDJAM.

If you'd like to offer additional support towards the development of my future projects, you can follow me here on itch.io or the following platforms:

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Thank you - may your dreams always be pleasant.

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Updated 27 days ago
Release date 89 days ago
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Cute, Exploration, Fantasy, Horror, PSX, Retro, Singleplayer, Spooky
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Xbox controller
LinksSteam, Twitter


Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

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Backrooms hidden gem - kicks ass!)
Thanks for the awesome game though!
You should be rewarded more than money only)

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Will there be "(ヒプナゴジア3:最終的な夢) Hypnagogia 3: Final Dreams"?!!!




sodaraptor really stepped it up between the original game and this one! The demo was really impressive, the different worlds seem even more immersive than the original and the character design/dialogue was full of life and spirit. Really glad I checked it out, I'm looking forward to eventually seeing the full game and getting the full experience!

Woah I really like this also I had no idea you can make the game profile have effects like this - you are very stylish and polished!


pretty impressive I went back in time to 1995 to play this lol 


Fantasic game each World is different. The Music as well as the PS1 graphic works perfect. I made a little video if soemone is interested to watch it.

Does the game automatically update when you buy and download it through the itch.io app or steam whenever there's an update coming to the game or no? This is probably a stupid question to ask 

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I haven't figured out how to set up automatic updates using the itch.io build tools yet, so I've just been replacing the files with the updated ones manually. You'd have to redownload the game on this page each time there is an update.

On Steam it automatically updates.


Okay, nice. Thank you for letting me know about this. Also, just wanted to let you know that you're one of my favorite indie game developers working right now. The Pathogen-X demo, the original Hypnagogia game, and this game are some of the best indie games that I've played so far :)

Do you have some DEMO ? 


Love the look of the game, the video trailer gave me very big Alice and .Hack vibes


I managed to load demo on Linux, just have to use wine64, this is true Dream Simulator, kind of game that makes next night dream really wild, although demo is very short.

How can i change the resolution of the game

You can change the resolution in the pause menu:

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Hypnagogia : Boundless Dreams was a beautifully crafted experience using some of the best elements from LSD-like exploration games and melding them with a really creative narrative. I came in with some expectations, especially after having played through the original Hypnagogia but this soft-sequel is just amazing. The music complements each stage wonderfully and the NPCs dialogue felt thoughtful. The characters and level designs were probably some of my favourite elements, entering each level filled me with a feeling of "Okay, what could possibly be here ?" and I just loved it.

This video serves as a more in-depth review but I really recommend you to play it by yourself, it's just that good.

Demo bug, i cant play

Hi Henvak - what is the bug?


Wonderful game! A very good improvement from the first game that has more of that aesthetic feeling of the 90's especially when you are in the mall, heavily recommend that you play it because it's so memorable and I have gotten good memories from it. Keep up the good work!


sooo amazingdoople