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This game felt almost... Relaxing, i really don't know how to explain it. Throughout the game i was left trying to figure out what these worlds meant in their weird, surreal approach. This game really brightened up my day, Thanks! 


Thank you for making this game. At first, I thought, "All I'm doing is walking from one place to another, talking to people and doing whatever they tell me," but by the end, I was immersed in this bleak and very linear story.

I look forward to the day when I play another one of your games.


This game was one of the most interesting things I have played in a while. It really felt as if in a dream. Great work!


Just checked this game out on stream and had a really good time. I think it really captured a dreamlike quality which lead to some spooky moments later on... 

If you are interested in checking out my playing it starts at (32:06)


It's a game that looks good

it was really cool :) i just love playing games with cool concepts, and even though i was aware there was no danger by the end, the tense atmosphere was pulled off well


incredibly fun game! Many mind-provoking ideas!

Hi! Great game! :)

Although I want to report one bug.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Finish the game and unlock Hub+
2. Go to school world
3. Find a snowball and go to snow world
4. Exit from snow world to dream hub.
5. Now Hub+ is gone :( You can't go to any other worlds.
After restarting the game, nothing changes, still no Hub+.

Also - It would be nice if you could add save feature after every level like it was in the Boundless Dreams.
I lost my progress once because of that...


going through my backlog, I forgot you made this with all the other awesome games you have come out with

Full Play No Commentary 


It has some drawbacks, like: the jump height is too low, always have a feeling that you are goint to miss the platform, you can fall through a gap beetwen 2 touching platforms. Maybe those are old game callbacks.

The rabbit mentioned that the game was developed for about a month with 8 hours of each day spent. Whose bugs can be easily discovered when testing.

Do you know the feeling that you get from game made by the big company devs, who worked crazy 12 hours shifts? Brain stillness? Maybe it's just me, don't know.

Honestly i don't get the feeling of finding something magical, i just get the feeling of it being a game. You know the typical quest making you circle around the map, npc dialoges are just npc dialoges.

I can't just get rid of this feeling, i see the tricks. Perhaps those tricks were used to give it a vintage touch.

I want to explore the layers of dream, turn around the corner, see that out there, but i can't. It's not a conscious dream anymore. Why can't i ride a giant fish? It's really just a level with a skybox.

Virtual dreams are really boring compared to real dreams.

Honestrly i didn't want to continue playing.

Music is neat.


> I can't just get rid of this feeling, i see the tricks.

It's called "getting old" and nothing any dev can do is going to fix that


Good game now downloading!


I really love this game! If you want to play a calm and relaxing game (even though it gets a little more horrory later in the game), then you need this game. The music is comforting, the graphics are beautiful, the characters are interesting, and the game actually makes you feel like you're in these dreams. It's amazing. The second dream level is my favorite! :DDD!

Thank you, Mango~


You're welcome Sodaraptor!




BRO this game was soooo good! First of all, I doubted it was even horror in the first few levels, then it gradually made more sense and got more cursed! AMAZING WORK. Thank you!


Just finished the game, it was a great journey. One thing that piqued my interest was if the ending was lowkey inspired by Umineko no Naku Koro Ni or it was just a coincidence.


Came from Hypnagogia 無限の夢 Boundless Dreams and after completing both games. Playing the Sequel [Boundless Dreams] first then the Prequel [This Game!] second seeing the familiar environments from the second game showing their faces for the first time in this game was so surprising to see!

Having the context for a lot of the environments and NPC's from Boundless Dreams after playing this was so significant. Especially in the Snow Area. Oo- Goodness was it impactful!

And don't get me started on the Mannequin Environment [Being subtle regarding description of Environment referenced to avoid Spoilers!] as soon as I stepped into there my entire being filled with dread especially after playing through the similar level Boundless Dreams.

Never again do I wish to be in the Mannequin Environment, that entire environment made me shudder in fear on both occasions. But fantastic atmosphere in both games regarding that area/environment! Do keep up the absolutely amazing work.

This was such a fun and inspiring little game. Loved the atmosphere and the small bits of world-building sprinkled throughout


One of the best games I've played recently.

And it's weird, which is even better...

My gameplay:


This game was amazing. Design, music, atmosphere, aesthetic, everything culminated so beautifully.

One question, is the Snow dream the only secret level? I drove my self nuts in Dream+ slamming my face against walls for secrets...


Hi ragingfails- Thanks so much for playing. Yes, it is the only hidden level in the game. I intended for more originally but ran short on time. 


Thanks so much for the response <3


What an absolute treat of a game! Congrats on the topic and idea/execution.

I usually remember my random dreams that make no sense whatsoever. For me sleep paralisys happened after I tried to control my dreams - something to do with lucid dreaming, when I realise that I'm dreaming, and try to do some things. But after that I stopped wanting to influence my dreams, and I never had it again. Maybe it is not connected, but that's something I'll never do again.

Thanks for this experience :)

I keep hitting an issue where my character began turning to the left uncontrollably during the first level and the bug carries over to whenever I restart the game and begin play from scratch- I.e. It keeps spinning from frame one of gameplay after the start menu.


This is due to a controller-related driver issue. It usually fixes itself if you restart your PC without any USB controllers plugged in, then trying the game again.


Some people mentioned issues with weird fullscreen resolution and lag. FYI you don’t need to install Reso, you can just launch the game with command-line options:

hypnagogia.exe -screen-width 640 -screen-height 480

You can do this via Windows Terminal or by creating a desktop shortcut.

Also, wait, does the game not save your progress? I quit after exploring 4 worlds, for testing purposes, and now I have to redo everything.


Very interesting and engaging LSD-inspired walking sim, it's really cool that each unique little world in this came from the dev's dreams. The orange guy definitely took me out of my comfort zone a few times! Gonna try the sequel at some point as well, can't wait to see how it expands on the concepts from this. But this original was very well done, I'm really glad I checked it out :)

Very possible I've already rated this after playing some months ago but it's clearly an awesome game.. the spaces feel kind of liminal, and the journey itself is calming and unnerving at once. Definitely recommend! Doesn't even take too long to finish. I love such vibes, and handcrafted dream worlds


Amazing game. I loved how it got more creepy as you went along. The school part really creeped me out. Keep up the good work! 

Hey, I finally got around to start playing this! However, I tried to use a PS4 controller on my PC, and it didn't really work. It has to be a PS1/PS2 controller?

Hi mikebracais, I tested it an Xbox 360 controller but it should work with any USB gamepad. Have you tried plugging the controller in before you launch the game? If it still doesn't work, I'm not sure what could be going on =/

(2 edits)

Ok, so... I tried that, and the same that happened last time happened again: I can move and jump, but the camera is stuck looking up. It moves down if I hold the menu button, but that's it. 

Another thing... sometimes the game just kinda freezes when I get a crystal. Right now, it happened when I finished the school. 

Could possibly be controller drift, it happens to mine when I use it occasionally. As for the freezing, not sure about that... could you post your PC specs?


You mean thiis: "Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8550U CPU @ 1.80GHz   1.99 GHz" ?

Also, I beat the game as well! Really good, the last two worlds were pretty creepy. Too bad the Hub+ isn't a permanent choice, but then again, if you found the Secret World, there is not much problem with it either.


Glad to hear you enjoyed it! There will be bonuses in the sequel which will save properly, including another hub+ mode. I may go back one day after and implement saving into this one as well. I hope to have that weird controller issue and any other bugs worked out too. Cheers


Hello! My laptop can run PS2 emulation very well, but this game is very sluggish. Please include an option to set ingame resolution to be lower, and please optimize for lower end hardware! I hope Hypnagogia 2 will run better! Very cool game from what I can see. <3


I got a new PC and this is the first game I played!^.^ I beat it too! The snow world is my favorite! Such a cute game(:


Hello, I took a lot of interest in your game, and I honestly really like your game. It's greatly executed and it gave me that 90s 3D vibe that

made me feel quite nostalgic when playing this game. I made a YouTube video on your game as well, so I'll link it here.

Hi Kimmy, thanks so much for checking it out~ sorry you fell off the levels and had to restart those few times, that will be something I improve on in the sequel. Cheers!

No worries! I enjoyed it nonetheless. Keep up the good work!


Also I forgot to mention is there going to be a  2 player CO-OP feature in the later games? Are you thinking of continuing Hypnagogia after Hypnagogia Boundless Dreams? It'd be pretty cool if you and one friend were to complete these dreams together and make the dreams more puzzle-ish


That's an interesting idea. I think coop would be fun to do for the third game if the second one does well enough =)


It surely will from what I see. People will definitely love it a lot and it will overall be an outstanding experience for any player that has finished the previous game already. Keep up the good work!! Looking forward to the game and the s e c r e t s 


I have been wondering ever since I finished the game. I found every Orange Guy's instances in every dream besides the secret one. I have also been searching for about an hour all over the level and couldn't find anything, so I was wondering if it at least exists and is present in the secret dream or it was all in vain


Hey Whois, thanks for checking out the game. No, the orange figure doesn't appear in any of the worlds' secret dreams. The snow globe level is sort of a dream-within-a-dream, and it gets harder for them to follow you there.


Oh alright, thanks for telling me. I really love this game and it just makes me so passionate about it. I even came up with some theories on this game. Maybe in the future there will also be some lore-thing to it

(1 edit) (+1)

Hey, you seem like the kind of guy who likes to find secrets. I just wanted to ask you two things: one, I can't find the Orange Guy in the Sky World; two, I can't find a secret in that world either... Can you confirm if there is one in that level?

Edit: Ok, nevermind about the Orange Guy, I found him. I really am blind :P

Still don't know about any secrets in the Sky Level though.

Hey. Well...there aren't any secrets in that Sky World. The only thing you could find is Orange Guy there. If you want, I did an entire Hypnagogia walkthrough on my channel, you could check it out : 


Thank you, will do in due time, after I finish my run. Don't wanna spoil myself, right?

No problem, and that's right

(1 edit) (+3)

this is the best game i have ever played, honestly.

Thanks a bunch for playing - glad you enjoyed it so much! You will definitely want to check out the sequel coming later this year =)


Cool chill game concept with some meta experiences!


Hey Sodaraptor, I'm liking the game but something weird happened, I pressed some buttons and the game got fullscreen but not in 4:3, it lags the game a lot, do you know how to fix this?

Even downloading again doesn't fix it.


Hey DRM, sorry you're having trouble. I've seen a few other people run into this issue also. 

One thing you could try is going into  C:\Users\(your PC name)\AppData\LocalLow\sodaraptor entertainment and then deleting the sodaraptor entertainment folder, then try relaunching the game. 

If that doesn't work, you can try using Reso, which can allow you to change how the game launches (window mode/resolution).  You can download it here:

Hope this works for you!


It's working now, thanks for the advice.

I used the "reso" method, for those with this problem that are reading, I used 640x480 resolution, the game now doesn't lag and I can see everything now.

I remember pressing a bunch of buttons in the first rabbit dialogue in the hub because the game freezed for 5 seconds, maybe it's that freeze while button mashing that the 16:9 fullscreen problem exists.

Also, when I started reso for the first time Windows warned me that it was from a unknown author and it could be virus, you guys decide if you want to fix your game or not.


Glad it worked for you. Yeah, Reso seems to do the trick each time I've suggested it. I hope to have things more ironed out in the sequel so you hopefully you won't end up needing it.


I loved it!!! I can't wait to play it in full!

Thanks for checking it out! Look for the sequel sometime later this year ;)


you plan on giving this a steam release? it's so good it deserves it imo


If I ever put this on Steam I'll probably end up going back and implementing things like saving, and other touch-ups. So it may happen one day. The second game however is definitely going on Steam once it's released.


a second game? i am now looking forward to it a lot

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You beautiful soul! I couldn't stop grinning after recognizing the footstep audio, and your work is an inspiration. This is the truest childhood love-letter I've ever witnessed. I aspire to create something this pure someday. 

Thank you.

Thank you for checking it out - happy to hear you enjoyed it so much!


Such a high quality game. I can't believe it was made in 26 days! Simply amazing. I'm sure the developer of this game will make even better games in the future.


Very creative.

Comforting, sad, eerie, then outright disturbing. As a horror nut, world 8 instantly had me sold. Easily worth a good five bucks.

Thank you for your kind words. I'm glad you enjoyed the experience =)


Got it linked to Steam as a non-Steam game so I can go back to it with ease.

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