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Hypnagogia is an exploration in themes involving deep dreams, liminal spaces, sleep paralysis demons, and much more.

Can you collect all 8 dream crystals and finally wake up?

Influenced by the nostalgia-fueled polygonal games from the mid and late 90's, Hypnagogia takes players on a short but intriguing journey through various worlds inspired by real dreams. 

Hang out with cats in a relaxing garden temple, mingle with sea creatures in an underwater quarry, or find meaning in a city full of strange people. Everyone has something to say, so meet and greet with every denizen you can!

Each hand-crafted and detailed environment has been amalgamated from different dream journal recordings over the years, with entries used by both the dev and some users on the LSD Revamped Discord channel. 

When dreams turn to nightmares, will you overcome the challenge of returning to reality?

If you enjoy this game, check out more from this dev below! There's also a comprehensive commentary file within the game folder if you're interested in knowing the origins of each dream.

Descension - a Quake-inspired procedurally-generated FPS

Infectoid - a Metroidvania adventure through a computer


  • Mouse/controller sensitivity does not save between areas.
  • There's a possibility any one of the quest givers/npcs may bug out, resulting in not being able to complete the dream. If this happens, leave and reenter through the dream hub.
  • There is no way to save progress in the game currently.
  • I don't have plans on building for any platform besides Windows currently. My apologies in advance, but I don't have any way to test those builds and would rather ensure a cleaner experience.

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(340 total ratings)
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Atmospheric, Dreams, Exploration, Horror, playstation, PSX (PlayStation), Retro, Surreal, unspeakable
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Xbox controller


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Really happy this appeared for me so I could find and play it. I didn't find many of the secrets, but I love what's there. A lot of introductions of very deep and important topics, without having to rely too much on what you directly state to the player; the dialogue is extremely evocative for the player's own insertion of their thoughts, feelings, etc. I love surrealism and these not-quite-awake feelings and sentiments portrayed in dreams. I wish I could do something half as cool with my own.

Im practicing lucid dreaming in real life, and so i have a special connection to games like yume nikki, LSD dream emulator and so on, and your game is another one i love.


This game is amaizing, this is a masterpiece


Great game!! I loved it! 


This game is trully beautiful, it really feels like i'm in a dream. Thank you for this masterpiece. I'll be looking forward to your next projects.

this game is amazing! , i really enjoyed this i highly suggest it to anyone who enjoys playing really chill and amazing nostalgic games :) <3

Hypnagogia is the transition between wakefulness and sleep. During this state, it's common to experience visual, audio, or other types of hallucinations. It's also common to experience muscle jerks and sleep paralysis. Some people purposefully try to induce to hypnagogia to stimulate creativity.

i do this thingy at night its so great!


This was a very meaningful experience. The point of being in a dream and trying to wake up was such a good story for such an amazing journey. The mood in each level was so different! Sometimes you'd have the hairs on your neck stand on end, and other times you're having just a fun time. If you were to ever make anything more like this, I would be very excited :)

hey...i need to find a game its like this but its over how the developers of the game didnt finish the game and how buggy it was also here on itch pls. it was like an adventure game

You NEED to be more specific than that, any idea of what the name could be?

no but i think the cover had like the charackteres in the game on it, there was always a sign that was telling you the story how the developer team didnt have enough cash to finish the game and at the end you had to fight some sort of like boss in some body where you had to derstroy the glitch or however you wanna call it. it was not first person you saw the player from behind... thats all i know from now



this game?

omg thank you so much this is the Game !!"!!


This was dope. Thanks for making this game. I also enjoyed reading through your dev commentary on the different levels. Great vibes all around.

Thanks, Shane :-)


I've played through this first game a few times now, you have made one of my favorite games :)) Every time I run through the game I find new things. I think I played this game at the right time in my life and just hit me in the feels. Thank you for making such an awesome game :D


Very enjoyable, I loved it so much. To its comforting warmth to its terrifying coldness. Amazing game, sodaraptor!


Very good game, I enjoyed so much, there very creative levels, good design and I enjoyed the characters, good job :)


We love you Morty!


THIS GAME IS A MASTERPIECE! i haven't beat it and already i can tell this is something special the game feels great the style is awesome and the story is really unique so far im really impressed with this one i like the places were seeing and im really exited to do the rest, definitely itchio game of the year!

if you want to see me play this here's the first episode more will be out in the next few days because im definitely beating this game!








Weird bug, when I connect dualshock 4 the camera breaks. It points straight up and the sticks only read movements on the x axis


Yeah it does that sometimes. Only solution I know of is to restart your machine with the controller connected. If that doesn't work it's just a bug


Very pleasant experience! Definitely made my afternoon significantly more memorable.


teehee <3




this game was absolutely amazing- cannot wait to play boundless dreams!!

No Commentary Gameplay


Amazing job. Loved all of the dreams and their unique feel.

This game slapped my ass ! Really good job ! i will fastly buy your other Hypnagogia game when i got money ! 

love on you <3


Even here in 2023, this is a banger of a short dreaminality experience. I'm VERY much looking forward to playing Boundless Dreams. LOVED the soundtrack and I hope for more unique tracks.

I would say, for this style, I'd like to see a little more interactivity with the environment. Maybe some different dialogue up to 2-3 times when interacting with the same entity.

I VERY much enjoyed the dream explanations provided, thanks for sharing those as it put alot of the dreams into context but also allowed for a personal connection as I've had several dreams that are very similar. If not of content, then the feels. The atmosphere. VERY similar.

Aside from interactivity which in and of itself is nitpicky, I have nothing but good to say about this game. I'll be more thorough with Boundless Dreams, looking forward to doing a playthrough of that and enjoying the ride.

Thanks, I'm excited to play all the games you've developed :D


i love this game sm, you can totally see all the effort put in !! very cool


I loved everything about this :) The playstation opening ws a hard hit of nostalgia. I might even play it all over again. lol 


How do I turn the wavy filter off for the levels with it on? It's making my head spin a bit...


One of my favorite games on Itch.io! Gotta say my favorite dream was defiantly "Finding the Figure". Keep up the Great work SodaRaptor!


This was a good one


keep it up, those games are gems.

Great game, I just wish there was a save button.

(3 edits) (+1)

Very entertaining. Though it would have been nice to be able to move a bit faster in some of the levels. Either way, I loved the attention to the PS1 details. The final sequence was a good climax as well. Very spooky!

I'm glad you didn't delete this prototype, I always like playing older builds of games. I hope the full version was successful!


Played this game late 2021 mid pandemic, it was a crazy experience that lead to me discovering a whole world of media that I didn't know I was incredibly interested in. Fantastic game, extremely recommended


This game felt almost... Relaxing, i really don't know how to explain it. Throughout the game i was left trying to figure out what these worlds meant in their weird, surreal approach. This game really brightened up my day, Thanks! 


Thank you for making this game. At first, I thought, "All I'm doing is walking from one place to another, talking to people and doing whatever they tell me," but by the end, I was immersed in this bleak and very linear story.

I look forward to the day when I play another one of your games.


This game was one of the most interesting things I have played in a while. It really felt as if in a dream. Great work!


Just checked this game out on stream and had a really good time. I think it really captured a dreamlike quality which lead to some spooky moments later on... 

If you are interested in checking out my playing it starts at (32:06)


It's a game that looks good
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