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Doesn't work in Firefox. I see errors about "same origin policy disallows reading the resource at" and lists and

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Works fine for me in Firefox. Using version 119.0.1 (latest), no issues or errors playing in the browser. Check if you need to update or if any extensions are causing conflicts.


I enjoyed it, but I wish the map didn't show every item and room from the beginning. I wish it slowly filled in as you explore. Also, I wish it would mark items you picked up so you know what's left! 

Great jam game though

Do you guys still update this game?


No. It was only a short jam game so it's all finished


full screen?

No fullscreen unfortunately. Sorry



very nice game !

Thanks for checking it out!


doesn't work all too well, but still good.

Sorry to hear that- what did you have trouble with?

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Whenever I went through a door, it usually made me come out the other side still moving, and I couldn't stop, move in another direction, or really do anything. Also, many jumps were near impossible. Please make the Infectoid jump higher or fall slower or move faster to fix this. Thanks for replying!

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Thanks for playing =) hope you had fun!