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Pathogen-X is a return to the classic action-survival horror genre, inspired by games from the late 90's such as Dino CrisisResident Evil, and Deep Fear. What terrors await in the depths of the Delta Corp Labs?

The virus known as Pathogen-X has broken out within the Delta Corp research facility without warning, infecting and producing droves of violent mutants. As special forces agent Hawk, you've been tasked with a quick search-and-retrieval mission. Infiltrate the lab, find a vaccine, and get out before the place is nuked.

  • In the demo, you'll access "Arcade Mode". Fight through the sprawling underground Delta Corp Labs, where enemy encounters, item placement, and even the facility itself are all randomly arranged on every playthrough.
  • Complete your mission successfully and you'll receive specific stats and rank at the end. Can you reach the fabled rank of X?

  • Find and equip 3 different main weapons, and 2 secret ones. Mow down foes with the USP pistol, Mossberg shotgun, M4 carbine, desert eagle, and missile launcher.


Pathogen-X Demo Version 5.3.3.zip 48 MB

Install instructions

Download and extract the zip file, then double click on the "Pathogen-X Demo.exe" executable.

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